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About Me

A Versatile Creative
Photo of Robert Jarrell. Photo taken in Oakland hills, California.

Hello, my name is Robert Jarrell.

I’m a designer, artist, and writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I strive to make the world a better place by doing the best I can with everything I do, rather it be designing new experiences, creating art, or relationships I have with colleagues, friends, family, environment and the world.

A Seasoned Designer

As a designer with 20 years professional experience I’m driven to provide elegant and delightful design solutions that bridge client goals with audience needs. I collaborate with teams to create meaningful and engaging user experiences that improve people’s day to day life.

I currently design and develop digital products and websites using lean UX, agile, and hybrid processes with an emphasis on design thinking, research, testing, strategy, and problem solving. My design skills include UX, UI, interaction and information design, research and testing, facilitating creative workshops, strategy, prototyping, art direction, brand development and identity. I have traditional graphic design skills including visual design, layout, illustration and typography and can execute both digital and print. Outside my core skills I have experience with front-end web development, motion graphics, video editing, photography, audio production, publishing, editing, and copywriting.

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A Lifelong Artist

As an artist I create images without conscious intent. I allow images and forms to come into the world rather than be forced into the world by rational thinking or concepts. I have a bachelor’s degree in fine art and have been involved with various creative groups and art related events throughout my life. I’ve made art since I was a child and will continue to my entire life.

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The Writing Itch

I enjoy the mental and formal challenges that writing offers and the creative nuances it shares with design and art. In college I studied literature and creative writing and wavered between pursuing it, design, or art, before finally deciding on the latter. I founded HeadLight Journal, one of the first digital and print hybrid publications active from 2000-06. I penned dozens of essays, reviews, experimental fiction, and numerous interviews, all in addition to editing and design. It provided the opportunity to collaborate and befriend many talented designers, artists, writers, and musicians.

Seeking Creative Projects

Although I work full-time and make art I continue to keep my design consulting business active (established 1999) and have taken on smaller projects for non-profits, small businesses and start-ups. I’m currently interested in new projects that integrate design and art in new ways. I’m also seeking projects that center around experiences, interaction, brand, identity, and strategy. I’m interested in working with startups, musicians, record labels, artists, galleries, museums, magazines and book publishers. Please feel free to contact me for rates and availability.