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Capital One Spark Business

Changing Small Business Banking


In 2016 I was a principal design consultant that developed and launched Capital One’s Spark Business product that helped small businesses manage their finances and banking needs. The main objectives I had an impact on were the following:

  • Designing the onboarding experience for first time user
  • Designing core product features including invoicing and payments
  • Reviewing research insights and sharing with the team
  • Defining customer personas based on qualitative research
  • Creating blue sky concepts for web app and marketing site
  • Defining and maintaining product design system and style guide
  • Establishing better design processes and efficiencies for cross-functional teams

The goals were myriad, but as a design consultant, I was flexible and met these challenges with passion and dedication, and successfully elevated the product team to achieve a successful launch.

We threw a lot of complicated stuff at Robert and he was able to turn it around quickly.
— Erika Garcia, Product Manager, Spark Business

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Control Your Music World


Blackfire Research provides simultaneous streaming solutions for audio and video across multiple content sources and media devices. In 2015 I was a lead designer on the redesign of Blackfire’s Android music player app, which needed to be updated from a basic prototype version that had poor visual design and UX. The project goals required the following:

  • Redesign the app to create a delightful user experience and compelling visual design
  • Utilize Android (Material Design) best practices for native mobile app design
  • Make it simple to configure and program host wifi network to the device
  • Create and control different music zones (rooms)
  • Design an interface to play native and multiple third-party music sources
  • Differentiate the app from the competition
  • Create a style guide and document how the app works

I worked with a cross functional team on all phases of the project, created a project plan, conducted workshops to solve user flows, explored design concepts, created final visual designs, and produced a style guide for developers to reference.

Blackfire Album View
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Nascar Sprint Apps

A Race-Side Spectator Experience


The NASCAR Sprint Fan Experience consist of six distinct, yet visually related apps available in kiosks at racing event locations. As lead designer on the project in 2014 I collaborated with a small team to design the experience by defining complicated user requirements, conditional authentication logic, and dependencies. We also designed the interaction and provided visual design concepts. The project had a quick turn-around time and low budget so we had to hit the ground running faster than a cup car on the first lap.

A Six App User Experience Presented a Complex User Journey
A complex user journey
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