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Vision to Reality: Evolving a Global Brand

In 2023, I led a fantastic team at InfoBeans, a global digital transformation company specializing in designing, building, and managing digital applications. Our goal was to enhance our brand image, and we accomplished this by updating our guidelines, visual identity, messaging, and design system. We also gave our presentation decks and website a complete revamp, which was a challenging but highly satisfying project for all of us.

InfoBeans Mobile Website

The Challenge

InfoBean’s brand faced multiple challenges. The visuals appeared outdated and needed more finesse, while our messaging didn’t communicate the company’s value proposition effectively. Presentation decks, crucial for engaging prospects and clients, needed more consistency and impact and had no clear guidelines or templates. The brand’s color palette offered limited flexibility, and the chosen typeface posed readability concerns. The website needed better information architecture, navigation, lead-gen strategy, and consistent visual language.

Example slide design with new messaging and layout

The Solution

We addressed the multi-faceted challenges by establishing a clear brand vision. We kicked off with a competitive analysis, followed by mood boards that delved into typography, color palette, layout, and visual design. From there, we developed a sitemap, wireframes, and visual concepts, refining them to higher fidelity treatments until we settled on a style that resonated, which we then fine-tuned through iterative processes and critiques.

InfoBeans Design System

InfoBeans Design System

Example of new presentation slides

Example of new presentation slides

website homepage design

website blog design

website mockups

The Impact

Seamless Harmony

We crafted a master deck with guidelines, templates, and illustrative slides, streamlining operations and ensuring uniformity. A revamped website was conceived and executed, enhancing information layout, navigation, visual aesthetics, messaging, and lead generation. The presentation decks and website harmonized seamlessly, sharing a uniform visual language that solidified the brand’s coherence. This transformation also extended its influence into other channels, including social media.