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Sprint Nascar App Designs by Robert Jarrell

Nascar Sprint Apps

A Race-Side Spectator Experience

The NASCAR Sprint Fan Experience consist of six distinct, yet visually related apps available in kiosks at racing event locations. As lead designer on the project in 2014 I collaborated with a small team to design the experience by defining complicated user requirements, conditional authentication logic, and dependencies. We also designed the interaction and provided visual design concepts. The project had a quick turn-around time and low budget so we had to hit the ground running faster than a cup car on the first lap.

A Six App User Experience Presented a Complex User Journey
A complex user journey

A Complicated Experience Made Simple

The challenging aspect of the project was understanding each app’s user requirements and how the interface would change dynamically depending on apps previously visited by the user. This was not easy as there were six possible variables for each app. To solve this we created a graphic organizer to define the information requirements such as user type, member status, age, citizenship, etc.

User Information Requirements Graphic Organizer
User Information Requirements Graphic Organizer
Ideation & Sketching

Once we had requirements in place we focussed on designing each app independently. We started by ideation, sketching concepts and high level flows.

Ideation by Sketching
Ideation by sketching
Wireframes & Flow Charts

At this stage we were moving fast and everything was feeling less ambiguous. We fine tuned ideas and added polish with detailed wireframes that also served as flow charts. These were reviewed and iterated on until the designs were approved and finalized.

Wireframes & Flow Charts
wireframes and flow charts

To begin the design phase we researched NASCAR’s visual language and racing culture. We also reviewed Sprint’s brand guidelines to understand how we should use color, typography, and photography. This helped us define a appropriate, on-brand visual look and feel for the apps.

Visual Design Research
Visual design research
Design Concepts

Based on the research we designed a series of visual design concepts that would eventually be used as a guide by the client’s inhouse designers. The concept for all the apps consisted of simple interfaces that could be grasped immediately by users. We also conceived of using horizontal parallax (sliding screen transitions that animated background and foreground elements at different speeds). This provided a simple, but dynamic interaction experience appropriate for a racing fan.

Visual Design Concepts
Visual Design Concepts

The Impact

A Compelling On-Brand Experience

There were many significant unknowns at the beginning of the project that were resolved and the complexity of all the apps’ interrelated requirements were simplified. Interactions and flows for each app were clearly defined and accounted for the dynamic variables they shared. The parallax concept was compelling and the concept designs used NASCAR’s visual language while maintaining Sprint’s brand for other designers to base further design work on. The amount of work produced was high quality considering the fast turn around time and budget. The apps were used for several years at Nascar racing events from 2014 to 2016 and helped Sprint meet their goals of increasing brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation.

Final Concept Designs
Final Concept Designs